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Multiscreen Video solutions for agencies,
trading desks and advertisers
Our Own Technology

Our technology - developed with a clear focus on Multiscreen Video.

We continuously invest in our tech-stack:

  • for full control of ad delivery
  • for agile adoption of technical standards
  • for better performance and scalability

This allows us to tackle the challenges of our advertisers and supply partners.

Einsatz eigener Technologie
Our Products

Our products give answers to today’s challenges around Multiscreen Video:

  • Multiscreen: Approach your target group via video on mobile and desktop devices.
  • X-TV: Efficient reach optimisation for TV campaigns
  • Bumper Ads: Ads with max. 10 sec. runtime and 100% guaranteed view through rate
  • Dynamic Video Ads: Individual messaging via video

In addition to that we offer a selection of specific solutions for every vertical.

For further information please contact our consultants.

Auf den Kunden zugeschnittene Beratung & umfangreicher Service
Individual Consulting and Customer Care

Multiscreen Video offers you an enormous potential for your branding campaigns. But it is also a very fragmented space if you look at the plethora of placements and technical standards.

Our consulting team supports you to fulfill your communication goals without getting lost in details.

Our high service level has been approved by several agency publisher rankings over the years.

Qualitative Inventare
Inventory Quality

We constantly invest in Brand Safety:

  • Investment in experienced team
  • Implementation of several 3rd party software solutions
  • Development of internal fraud prevention systems
  • Implementation of end-to-end quality assurance processes

In this way we provide the highest possible level of safe environments for your brands.

Do you want to find out more?

Your point of contact: Christian Cohrs, VP Sales

  • +49 40 6077 204 01